Sunday, June 5, 2011

From Tink to Chic..

The Renovation is Complete!! I had so much fun on Saturday transforming Little Miss 3's bedroom into a shabby chic wonderland, with everything coming together perfectly! I have a space on one wall where I would like to put a big print, a chandelier to purchase and a few slight touch-ups to perform, but I wanted to share the almost finished product with everyone that has followed me on the journey thus far....

So, firstly - the BEFORE pics!

 A bit of mix matched furniture from over the years!

 Little Miss 3 in her Tinkerbell bed!

 This is the set of drawers she had as a newborn!

 Even Tinker on the walls too of course! Lol

And now THE NEW ROOM!!!!

This is the spot on the wall I am yet to find a picture or print for..

I LOVE that she has proper curtains instead of blinds! 
(Thanks Nanny for your awesome sewing efforts!)

This mirror is my favourite buy of the new room - I LOVE it!

Her gorgeous new tallboy...

I LOVE this this little set of drawers!!

I love that my mother is as sentimental as me - this was MY bedspread that was on my bed 30+ years ago..
She had kept it all this time packed away, and now my little miss has the same bedspread her Mumma had as a little girl...

Her Earth Angel from Made By Niss - one of the first things I ever bought off Facebook!

 This was her new-room-warming present from her Nanny..

 Some quick do-it-yourself Art Work (Thanks Nic from Buttons Dior for the tutorial!!)

And finally, her new hair accessories box!

So there you have it!! From Tink to Chic in a day (well, over a few weeks of collecting items - Lol) and apart from her tallboy that we got new-ish, everything else was from ebay / op shops / items I re-vamped etc...

A room fit for a princess and she absolutely LOVES it!  Let me know what you all think!

Now for Master 5's room.....  hmmmmm????  Lol

Smiles & Happiness, Haylie x

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  1. looks gorgeous Haylie! a proper little ladies room, I'm sure it'll last her for years - well done! :)