Monday, January 9, 2012

7 Months Later...

Forgive me Blogger Gods, for I have sinned.
It has been 7 months since my last Blog....

Yes, 7 MONTHS!! And yet, when I started this blog, I thought I would be on here a few times a week! Well, at least ONCE a week at a minimum. But life just takes over at times, and until one has been fully bitten by the 'blogger bug' I think it is just another business tool that some of us think of as "I'd better get onto this blogging business that everyone else is doing, to keep up with the rest of the social media world!"

But I have discovered recently it can be much, much more than that. I'd watch others on Facebook or Pinterest talk about how they LOVE such-n-such's blog, or that they are excited that (insert business/person)'s new blog post has just been published. And honestly to me, it seemed like a LOT of random reading trying to keep up with all these writings!


You see, I was feeling a little lack of inspiration for Little Miss Fascinated since the Christmas break. Well before then even to be honest, and those of you that are avid followers of my facebook page would have noticed the lack of posting and goings on with it all.

I think the hardest thing to do was to actually admit it.

Being a WAHM comes with a lot of guilt that you're not pulling your weight work/financially at times for your family when you lose your creative mojo. And as much as I tried, I just couldn't find ANY inspiration to feel creative again. Suddenly, just opening the doors to my office came with this overwhelming feeling of sadness, frustration and guilt for not wanting to even enter the room. And the LAST thing I ever wanted to feel was pressured & burdened into being creative..

Then something interesting happened... I discovered another passion that has simply engulfed me!

I am in love with restoring furniture....   Yes, TOTALLY random I know. And not really a money maker (as of yet) but I am slowly becoming ok with the fact that more than anything, it has finally restored (no pun intended! Lol) my creative mojo. And I have one person to thank for helping get to this place recently..  And that is the GORGEOUS Kelli Wright from Restore Interiors.

This fabulous mother of 3 has one of the most amazingly creative talents I have ever seen - she literally breathes life into old pieces of furniture and items, giving them a whole new lease of life.

I have always been a garage sale/op shop queen and on many occasion have brought something home with a vision of what I could creatively do with it to re-vamp some new life into it. Though I never thought I had the craftiness or talent to actually do something totally new & transforming with something from start to finish. The mental picture was always there, I just didn't know where to start. Until I found Kelli's blog!

So now I can confidently say, I have been bitten by that earlier mentioned 'blogger bug', because the day I discovered Kelli's blog I literally read the ENTIRE blog from start to finish in one go and am now waiting on baited breath for her next post! Lol...  NOW I UNDERSTAND, FELLOW BLOG ADDICTS!!!!

So I look forward to getting this blog & my creative mojo back up & running, and although it may not be about hair clips & fascinators like I originally intended - it will be about me, and the new life I am breathing into myself and my creative side once again. For those of you still trying to find your own mojo, all I can say is don't be afraid to look in directions you never possibly thought of before - it may not be in what you want or even expect, but it is there waiting for you and you will find it again...

Thanks to you all for popping over here & I hope you all stick around - I think it's going to be one heck of a ride!

Smiles and Happiness, Haylie xx


  1. Sweet, Sweet Haylie. Your sweet post and comment absolutely made my day. I cannot WAIT to see what you churn out with your newly discovered MOJO:) I know how it feels to lose your juices. It has happened to me so many times. I think it comes with the creative gene. The best advice I can give you is to just push through the humps, no matter how hard, because the more time you put in between creating the harder it is to come back. Find something new to add to your product line so you don't get bored! Best of luck to you. I am your newest fan and follower. Blessings to you and your sweet family!

  2. OH MY SMURF!!!!! Kelli from Restore Interiors, my new muse, has commented on my little ole' blog?!?!! I am speechless! (which hubby never thought would be possible! Lol)

    Thank you SO much for stopping by Kelli! I owe you so much right now for restoring my faith... in my creativeness and in myself. I look forward to learning everything I can from you and only wish I lived closer to see your work in person - and take you out for a coffee!

    I'm off to pick up some new pieces to work on, so wish me luck!! Peace and love to your gorgeous family too :o)


  3. Haylie,
    I was on Kelli's blog... I check it everyday. I adore her too! I read your comment and had to stop by. I am so glad you are going to start this! I just started refinishing furniture too, have wanted to for years. I am loving it and know you will too. Once you dive in, your passion will come out and you will have so much fun! Loved your post, and I am a new follower. I am really looking forward to seeing what you come up with Haylie!