Thursday, January 12, 2012

That's a Wrap..

Well, yesterday was a very productive day! I finally got my new sewing machine (after my previous one of only 4 months started playing up!) along with my new sander and upholstery gun, which meant I could finally finished Project Number 2 - 'The Toy Box'!

This piece was one of those things I brought home where dear hubby raises one eyebrow and gives me 'that look'. You know the one I mean - the 'That Should Be In Somebody's Dumpster Right Now, Not In Our Living Room' look. And I don't blame him to be honest. It was damaged, a bad colour and just plain hideous.. BUT I saw past all of that and saw the potential in it to be the last piece of furniture I needed to complete Miss 4's new room :o)

I took the lid off the hinges and ripped up that old peachy cover thing, which then turned out to be like 'Pass The Parcel' because after I pulled the first layer off , there was another random layer underneath! Lol
So 4 layers later it was back to the original lid which needed a good clean and sand, and I also repaired the slight damage to the body..

Few coats of paint later and we were getting somewhere! I found this gorgeous chic floral material in my stash that I thought would look wonderful. I then set the lid with padding (to make it more like a settee on top) and attempted my first try of upholstering with my new gun. It went better than I expected, though I look forward to learning some more about it all!

Screwed the lid back on and I was done...  not bad for a couple of dollars & it holds all of Miss 4's goodies with room for more!

I love that is practical now not only for her toys, but as extra seating in her room too - Let me know what y'all think!

Oh, and here is a Project Number 3 sneaky peek :o)

Smiles and Happiness, Haylie xx

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  1. What a pretty transformation! It's great for toys and seating and it's adorable too... I bet your hubby likes it now too... hee hee, don't you just love that?

    You have to finish project number 3... Quick! I am dying to see the transformation!