Monday, January 9, 2012

Baby Steps...

Well here I am on my new blog mission - 2 posts in 24hrs, not bad hey?! Lol

I thought I would start sharing my new found creative passion with you all as I run with what is inspiring me currently, and post how it actually all started.

Quick Note - After becoming addicted to Restore Interiors by the lovely Kelli Wright only recently, I have since learnt to photograph your pieces in great light before AND after your restoration...  So sorry in advance to the poor pictures I had already taken, and I have put a new camera on my birthday list (hint, hint hubby!).

I wanted a few pieces of wooden doll furniture for my Miss 4's new shabby chic room (which you can see come together here in From Tink to Chic) and knew that I either had find a budget I didn't have to buy them brand new, or try my hand at restoring some pre-loved items.

I found this great little hand made wooden cradle for a steal online just before Christmas. Once again, excuse the picture. I had more on my iPhone but have recently updated to the iPhone 4S and lost my last few shots - so this is all I have of the cradle  before :o(

I then found a cute little high chair on a garage sale site that was only $4!! Bargain...

After sanding & prepping I decided to paint the cradle in a White Gloss (oh my smurf - gloss paint is hideous to work with & I am trying ever so hard to source an Australian supplier of Annie Sloan chalk paints & waxes!!!) - If you find one or know of one PLEASE let me know!!!

I finished off with a light distressing of the cradle and the same on the high chair. I wanted to make the two pieces a little more vintage feeling, so I added these two moldings to both - which I think worked perfectly!

I still have the bedding to finish off, but had the cutest material ready for it - and Dolly was happy to help too for photo purposes! :o)

So all in all, I am happy with project number 1 - Baby Steps - and am actually almost finished project number 2!! A sneak peek of what's coming up perhaps?!?!

HIDEOUS AT THE MOMENT - but watch this space!

Hope all is going well in your creative space!

Smiles & Happiness, Haylie xx

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