Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Night Owl...

Yes, I have one...  the dreaded 'Night Owl' child. My Little-Miss-Almost-4 is a total night owl - just like her mother! I worked as a Bar Manager for 12yrs before becoming a full-time Mum and starting Little Miss Fascinated, so my body clock now works until about 12am/1am every night naturally; which a lot of mothers are shocked about, but honestly I just don't know any different.

In fact, 90% of the creations that come out of Little Miss Fascinated are conceived and executed very late at night while I am pottering around in the peacefulness of my dark house. Having a husband that is an executive head chef and works from 10am to 12pm 5 to 6 days a week aids in the fact that I am usually waiting up to catch an hour or so with him too, so it doesn't feel as though we never get to see each other....  however for the past 8 months, Miss-Almost-4 has decided to follow in her mothers footsteps and has become a total late-nighter too!

The only thing that makes this really hard to work with is the insane level of energy she brings with it! She hasn't had a day sleep for 2 yrs now, as we learned early on that we would struggle to get her to bed if she did. And unlike her brother who is SNORING & sleeping soundly after literally 5 mins in his bed (If not less!! No exaggeration necessary!!) she will talk to her bears & dolls, try and read books and eventually wonder out a thousand times if she wants to, constantly ready to talk up a storm!  The worst thing we have found, is that she is an incredible POWER NAPPER!!! It can be a quick 3 min trip up the road to get her brother from school, and if she falls asleep during it, she wakes up loud, crazy & ready to take on the world! God forbid I am hanging out the washing and hear absolute silence for 5 or 10 minutes only to find her snoring on the lounge before I desperately wake her up. Hubby & I have now recognised our worst enemy is THE POWER NAP!!!

The past five out of seven nights I have had to let her lay on the lounge (or the loungeroom floor) and fall asleep when she is ready, which is physically, emotionally & mentally draining - especially while trying to get LOADS of work done....  But at the moment, nothing else seems to working! Maybe it's genetic!

So I am wondering....  how many other Mums & WAHM's have their own little Night Owl, and what works for you?!?

Smiles & Happiness, Haylie x

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  1. I used to have a night owl. My 4 year old Heart would stay up with me while I made things, sewed things, studied, cleaned, etc.
    Only a few nights ago I had to put my foot down, and both kids are now bathed and fed by 6pm, in bed lights out at 7pm. Having one baby who slept like a dream and a little girl who was still playing with her barbies until 11pm took it's toll on me. I am a night owl too, but I am finding I am less tired once the kids are in bed. I am free to do whatever it is that I need/want to do. I still don't see my pillow until about 1am, but the cut back on stress has been amazing.

    I came across this book the other day, I have pre-ordered it :D