Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sharing the love...

It is absolutely amazing this day and age to have the ability to use social networking & social media to expand a business...  In fact, the handmade market has grown in the thousands over the past 2 years coining the simple phrase "Share the love" along the way. I love to get on my own facebook page and see people "Sharing the link love" between businesses and also the underlying support network it offers alongside it. It's what can take a simple 'hobby' and turn it into a 'business'.....

I was very flattered recently to receive an email from the fabulous Crafty Mumma's on facebook in regards to some upcoming Markets & Expos..  The gorgeous Marlene and Sally asked if I would be interested in showcasing some of my products on their tables that they would have set up at the Billycart Markets in Brisbane and the rather large Business Expos in Parramatta!

Of course I absolutely jumped at the chance to be seen with the WONDERFUL networking business Crafty Mumma's that supports all handmade, work from home parents - and in truth, is who inspired me in the first place to join facebook and turn my little 'hobby' into the successful business it is today! They were the first to "Share the link love" of Little Miss Fascinated amongst their then 3000+ fans (now close to 12000!) and not only help my business to expand, but offer a priceless network of support for me along the way.

So if you are in the Sydney area around the 25th of May, or Brisbane on the 28th of May - head over to where these magical ladies can be found, say Hi and "Share some love" with them while you're there...

And don't forget, you can also grab a piece of Little Miss Fascinated for yourself while you're there too!

 Smiles & Happiness, Haylie x

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  1. Thanks so much hayley and I appreciate your support <3 Marlene - Crafty Mummas xx