Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Talented Miss Tahnee...

You know how once and a while a business or facebook page comes along that either inspires you and your work, or enhances your work directly? Well for me, one of the biggest business influences for me personally and for Little Miss Fascinated is the very talented Photography By Tahnee May.....

 This was the very first picture of Tahnee May's that captured my heart and my undivided attention. The natural talent that this beautiful lady has astounds me and leaves me craving more of her work; including one of my favourite projects of hers - the "365 Day Photo Challenge" (available to been seen on her facebook page) which is just Tahnee capturing a moment in her daily life & sharing it with the world.

I have been using Photography By Tahnee May for my professional product shoots since the beginning of 2011, and I must say - even though I love my pieces and they get praise on their own; the most common comment on my facbook page I get now is "Wow - your photography is outstanding"...  with all the credit going to the talented Ms May.

Last Wednesday I finally got to meet Tahnee in person (and the above beautiful model, her daughter Izzy) as we took our two little girls out to shoot the new Little Miss Fascinated line for winter.

It was such a pleasure to stand back and watch this quietly spoken lady transform into a quick moving shutter bug once the camera was brought to eye level and how she encouraged the girls to be just where she needed them with such ease (and me behind her acting like a lunatic to get the girls to laugh! Lol) and I am so excited to be able to see the finished product in the next week or so.  

Of course, being the darling that she is, she has given me a sneak peek of what's to come....

So if you are looking for a professional photographer for business or personal use, or would just like to support amazing Australian talent, I urge you to stop by and 'like' this wonderful lady's page on facebook ~ Photography By Tahnee May. Grab a cuppa and be prepared to stay for a while with an abundance of gorgeous, natural, raw pictures to look through..

Thanks Tahnee for all your hard work & making Little Miss Fascinated look so good....

Smiles and Happiness, Haylie x


  1. Hi Haylie, I think the photography looks fab. How do you find the cost compared to the return? As a small business I find it hard sometimes to keep costs low especially when margin isn't high ~ what are you thoughts?
    Suzie :)

  2. Hi Suz!

    I look at it as an investment to the business hun - since the majority of us on facebook are paying nothing for unlimited advertising. To take advantage of the price for a shoot, try & get as many of your products photographed in the one shoot, so the photos will last you a few months!

    If you find the right photographer, some other WAHM's will do product shoots very cheaply to get their own name out there more, or even swap the shoot for some of your products! Look around for the right photographer hun - or contact Tahnee & see what she can do for you! x