Thursday, January 3, 2013

25 Things...

I know I don't have many followers on this little ole' blog yet, but I personally follow a few. And out of that few, I have a couple that I follow {ok, stalk..} daily. One of them is the gorgeous and extremely talented Shaunna from Perfectly Imperfect. She lives in America and restores beautiful pieces of furniture, literally breathing life into forgotten treasures! She has also just recently opened her AMAZING store in Alabama which I am currently saving up to go visit - her & the stunning Kelli from Restore Interiors will have me knocking on their doors in the not so distant future, so put the kettle on girls!!

Shaunna doesn't just restore furniture, she is a Mummy, a wonderful blogger, a teacher & a decorating guru just to list a few of her talents! She also has an awesome thing she shares with her readers on her blog called '25 things..' - which is really just 25 random things at random times about Shaunna and her life.

 As an avid reader of hers, I LOVE catching her '25 Things..' lists as they make me feel a little more connected to all that is Perfectly Imperfect, even all the way over here in Australia. And recently it has inspired me to do the same for my followers here & on the Little Miss Fascinated facebook page. I want all of my likers and followers to know a little bit more about the real life person behind all those posts and pictures!

So, without further adieu, here are 25 Things about me..

1.    I am a coffee addict...  No, seriously - an ADDICT! We're talking 15+ cups of coffee a day...

2.    I'm the mother of a gorgeous, sensitive 7yr old boy and a feisty, independent 5yr old girl {my angels}

3.   I am deathly terrified of spiders.. like, run-out-into-the-middle-of-the-street-until-someone-kills-it afraid!

4.   I LOVE to sew and make pretty, vintage inspired little girls clothes

5.   I dream one day of having my own clothing line for said little girls clothes

6.   I love, love, love cats

7.   Currently I am thinking of returning to university to get my degree in Sign Language

8.   I hate peas

9.   I don't drink alcohol

10.  I have a passion for photography, especially black & white

11.  Pastel mint green is my favourite colour

12.  I'm sure I was born in the wrong era and LOVE the fashion of the 40's & 50's {though I don't have the figure to wear them!}

13.  My husband is one of the sweetest, most romantic & thoughtful men I have ever met, and our life is like a real life romantic comedy.. {also, he could be Colin Farrell's twin brother, he's extremely handsome! Lol}

14.  Everyday I listen to American Country Music straight from Nashville - I'm a true country girl at heart!

15.  I'm allergic to citrus

16.  I have a gorgeous big Sister

17.  Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory {original} is my favourite movie

18.  From ages 4 to 13 I traveled around the country singing professionally & in competitions

19.  If I could only eat one dessert for the rest of my life it would be Banoffee Pie!!

20.  I have backpacked around the world

21.  My Mum & Dad are my best friends - and truly the BEST parents any child could ever ask for..

22.  I played the drums from age 5 to 9 and went EVERYWHERE with a pair of drum sticks in my back pocket

23.  I spend way too much time on Facebook - but it's hard not to when you run the base of your business on there!

24.  John Mayer is secretly my 'other' husband.. {wink, wink..}

25.  I am a night owl and often don't go to bed until 1am in the morning

WOW!! That was harder than I thought to think of 25 Things about myself on the spot like that! Lol.. I hope some of them make you feel like you are getting to know me a little better!

Well, that's enough randomness from me in one post! I'll leave you with today's Photo A Day picture..

Day #3 - Heart.. 
An absolute LOVE of mine - reading and collecting old, antique books..

Smiles and Happiness, Haylie xx

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