Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Day In The Life Of..

I just wanted to upload the current Photo A Day pictures I had yet to update on here when it occurred to me that this is probably a quick view of a day in the life of me at times! Lol

Day #13 - Circle..

The most important 'circle' in this house if anyone wants me to function for the day!

Day #14 - Something Yellow..

I swear Lego is like a child weapon!!! How much does it hurt to step on some?? Lol

Day #15 - An Ordinary Moment..

The two youngest babies of the house having an afternoon snooze together holding paws/hands..

Day #16 - Two Things..

Two things I get to enjoy all to myself while the kids are at their Grandparents!! YUM!!

While I was uploading these pictures on the blog it kind of made me think 'Yep. This is pretty much a normal day in the life of Little Miss Fascinated' - a coffee to get me started, toys of some sort to pick up, tripping over a child or cat snoozing somewhere and finishing off with a moment of bliss with some sweet indulgence of chocolate! Ok, so a LOT more happens - but I'd still be happy if it was just these :)

Smiles and Happiness, Haylie xx

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