Thursday, January 10, 2013

Antique Sheet Music Wreath Tutorial..

Yesterday I posted my Fat Mum Slim photo for the Photo A Day Challenge..

Day #9 - Paper..

The feedback about my wreath I made was amazing - thank you all so much - and I was asked for some help and instructions on how to make one by a dozen or so people, so I thought I would put this tutorial together!! Now, be gentle with me - this is my first tutorial and all I had was my iPhone!! Haha..

Let's Get Started!!

The materials you will need is some sheet music (I purchase mine from thrift stores or secondhand book shops), cardboard, scissors, glue (I use a hot glue gun because I don't have the patience for craft glue but it would work as well! I would recommend hot glue for the assembly though as the wreath gets a little bit of weight about it once it's together!), a side plate template in size and a large cup template in size to trace around.

The end result of the wreath done with a full music sheet is about the size of a large car tyre, so I use a side plate template for this size. Simply trace around the plate..
And then place your smaller template inside (the cup) and trace around..
This should be your end result cut out..
Now to make your cones. Grab the two corners of the longest side of your page..
Twist the left side towards you and the right side away from you..
It can be a little tricky until you get the hang of it! You want your left corner to roll into the sheet and your right corner to roll over the left corner..
Keep rolling your sheet over until you have the desired tightness you want for your cone. The looser your cone, the larger they are - the tighter the cone, the thinner they are! Add a spot of glue at the right hand bottom when you have the size you want..
Now get some cones made!! You can make as you go, but I like to make them in a pile ready to grab. The average wreath this size takes about 20..
Now to put it together!! Grab your circle we cut out. I have found it easiest to place my first 4 cones in a North, South, East, West style and fill in the quarters. You can place one and go around, but I always find mine end up wonky and not even - but maybe that's just me!! Lol
Add a spot of hot glue on the cardboard and slide the next cone in until you fill your first quarter, then repeat for the rest of the wreath!
Now for the centre 'flower'.. Cut a sheet in half like so..
Place one hand in a circle type shape..
And put one half of your sheet over it. Push the middle down with your finger and scrunch as you go..
This part is supposed to look messy to get volume, so just have fun with it!
This is what your 'petals' should be looking like - messy & scrunchy!
Now glue them together at the bottom & keep adding 'petals' until you get the desired thickness of your 'flower' that you want..
Pop some glue around the base of the finished 'flower' and stick it in the middle of your wreath where all your cone points meet..
It doesn't matter if this parts looks messy, you won't see it!
Now flip over your wreath and put two holes in the cardboard where you want your top to be, this is how we get it ready to hang..
Thread through some ribbon or string..
Now grab your side plate to trace out another full circle like we did at the start BUT don't cut out a middle in it!!
Hot glue gun around the outside of the circle and press firmly to the wreath circle, covering the cones tips and the string..
And, voila!!!! Turn it over and hang in your favourite spot!!!!!

Here are some others I made - the options are endless!

This one was made for a client to give as a gift to her crossword loving sister - it's made from an old 40 year old dictionary..

This one I made out of smaller pieces of sheet music paper for a client to hang on her door as her Christmas Door Wreath..

So there you go!! I hope the photos and descriptions are helpful and easy to understand. Please feel free to 'Pin' this tutorial on your Pinterest board! Comment below or message me at if you have any questions - and I would LOVE to see your wreaths once they're made, so send me a photo or post a link below!!

Smiles and Happiness, Haylie xx


  1. Thank you so much Haylie, for taking the time to make this tutorial for us. You have a lovely idea here and did a great job for your first tutorial. Cheers Char xx

  2. What an awesome tutorial. I can't wait to make one of these. Thank you so much! :)

  3. Thanks so much for the tutorial Haylie! When I checked out the one from church, it was actually stapled at the bottom of each cone, which I guess makes it a little flatter than the cones with the hot glue gun. Here is a link to a pic I took of that one.

    1. Thanks Bronwen!!! I hadn't thought about stapling - I have a glue gun permanently attached to my hand it seems! Lol

      I'm going to try the staples! xx

  4. about how many pages are needed for this project shopping for sheet music people are selling in quarry of 45 pages is that enuf

  5. I am a music teacher and wanted something to hang on the door. This is perfect! Thank you for posting!

  6. I have seen one of these and love your Great 👍 tutorial? Is there a way to condition REALLY old sheet music to do this? Some I want to use is fragile

  7. About how many half sheets do you use to create your middle flower?