Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Snap Happy...

I am really enjoying the Fat Mum Slim 'Photo-A-Day' Challenge I am participating in this month! It is really refreshing to have a boost in creativity from another perspective. Seeing what the days topic is and then going off to explore the possibilities that could fit that topic is fun - and I am loving the 30 mins a day I am having as 'ME' time during it all.

Here's a catch up on the past few days..

Day #6 - Mine..

This absolutely gorgeous compact was actually my Great Grandmothers from 1923. It is 90 years old, and last year my Grandmother gave it to me for my birthday. Now I'm lucky enough to call it mine..

Day #7 - Street..

Living in the suburbs I did have plenty of opportunities to walk outside and take a photo of a peaceful country street. But that's not what I conjure in my mind when asked to provide my interpretation of 'street'. I think New York City and dark alleys. Busy rush hour and hard, textured lines. So I popped down our street to the manhole and snapped this shot - and I am REALLY happy with it! It's exactly what I wanted to portray.  {I also had some Ninja Turtle flashbacks while editing it I must say..}

Day #8 - Something beginning with 'T'..

I LOVE the old school 60's/70's vibe of this photo. The bare feet and colours themselves in the background remind me of looking through old photos of growing up that my parents had taken {yes, I am THAT old that I have photos of me taken in the 70's - but only just!! Lol}.

I also love that I made every one of those 20 little 'T'oes in the photo..

So, that's me up to date with the photos. Are you participating in the challenge too??

Smiles and Happiness, Haylie xx

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