Friday, January 11, 2013

The NOW Has Started..

It was great today to start living up to my Word Of The Year I mentioned here in my last post.


I was sitting at the computer doing work today when Miss Five asked "Mummy, can we have a girly day today and do some fun things?"..  So I got up from the computer straight away and our day started!

First we set up a carpet picnic for lunch, including a complete Tea Party of course!

Then after lunch she wanted to play 'shops', so we made up a shop in the middle of the lounge room with her at the 'checkout' and me as a customer! We found my market cash tin and filled it will change for her as her cash register..

Then we needed a checkout 'scanner' - Daddy's old razor holder worked a treat for that! Lol..

And then of course, I had to go shopping!! She got out a heap of her books and toys and I went around the 'shop' like a woman on a shopping mission! She loved 'scanning' my items and I loved watching her smile.. {and make 'beep' noises for her scanner! Haha}

It was a PERFECT way to start living by my Word Of The Year for 2013.
Smiles and Happiness, Haylie xx

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