Friday, January 11, 2013

Word Of The Year 2013..

I few years back when I discovered the wonderful world of blogs, I noticed a trend that was emerging each January all over the 'blogosphere' - and that was 
'Word Of The Year'.

Instead of the whole 'New Year Resolution' speel that I was accustomed to, people everywhere were choosing a word to live by and inspire them for the year instead of a random list of, lets face it, usually unobtainable goals that make you put copious amounts of pressure on yourself to achieve {usually followed by copious amounts of disappointment when you don't follow through on said list}.

I really love the idea of having a word instead of a point form list to look to throughout my 2013! And although it has taken me well into the second week of the year to settle on what my word was going to be, I finally have found the word for me...

This is the PERFECT word for me in so many ways. Let me share with you just a few reasons why..

~ Living in the Now ~

I pride myself on being able to juggle eleventy seventy million things at once. I'm a Mum. It's just what we do. But in doing so, I miss so many little things that are happening now. And this year I want to put down my mobile phone, ignore the impending housework, step away from the computer and play with my children now. When my daughter asks me to sit down and do a puzzle with her, I am not going to answer "In a minute honey, Mummy is just finishing this Facebook post.." - I'm going to sit down with her now. These precious little gifts we created are not going to be little and actually wanting every minute with us for long, so I want to absorb every minute with them now.

~ Changing Now ~

I have gained a lot of weight since I married my gorgeous husband {I say it was inevitable - he's a glorious Head Chef by trade! Lol}. And although he absolutely LOVES every inch of me the way I am - I don't. I have always struggled with my weight, and I know it is a long haul ahead for me to get my body to a place I am comfortable with again, but talking about it and wishing for it will get me no where. I need to do something about it and I need to start now.

~ Planning Now ~

 I want to take my family on a fabulous holiday! In fact, my husband and I have been talking about it for 5 WHOLE YEARS and yet we haven't been anywhere. The only reason why? Money. Every time we get excited and start to plan some wonderful trip away, the reality of life sets in and the money never seems to be there.. but only because we never actually make it a priority to start with!! So I have decided that we WILL be taking a glorious trip somewhere this year and we will start putting aside a little bit of money each week for this trip now.

~ Expanding Now ~

There are SO many things I want to do with my business. In fact it would probably scare you to see the list of ideas I have for Little Miss Fascinated for 2013. But that's all it is - a list. I think of something new, make a mental note and file it away in the to-do pile for the business thinking 'I'm going to make that that one day'. The list is getting longer and I have noticed that when it does my motivation gets a hell of a lot shorter real fast!! So I am going to start making and following through on these ideas now. My business needs it, my clients need it and my creative mojo needs it!

 So, those are just a few examples of how NOW is going to be my Word Of The Year for 2013..

What's your word???

Smiles and Happiness, Haylie xx

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