Friday, January 4, 2013

Feelin' HOT, HOT, HOT...

From early yesterday morning, radio and television stations started warning everyone in Australia about a heatwave that was going to hit during the day. With that in mind, I knew that if we wanted to do something active with the kids that we would have to be up and out of the house fairly early so we wouldn't get caught out in it..

Lathered with suncream, hats and copious water bottles, we packed a bag of fruit and trail mix and headed out the door - me with my good walking shoes on and the kids with their scooters and helmets! We went to a small park a few blocks over {not too far in case the heat hit suddenly} and had some fun playing, climbing, exploring & taking photos while we were there - the kids each had a camera too!

So here are my Photo A Day topics and pictures...

Day #4 - The View From Here...

This gorgeous old tree was what caught my eye straight away, with its stunning root structure and sturdy branches..

Day #5 - Movement...

I couldn't resist capturing Miss 5 soaring as high as she could on the swings, and I think this shot somehow captures that feeling you got as a kid - like you really were about to take off and fly into the sky!!!

How did your weekend start??

Smiles & Happiness, Haylie xx

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  1. Loving your photo a day topics! I'm thinking I might do a photo a week this year :)